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The Biker

Walking toward that high raised bridge, only one thought was on my mind. It was dark and cold, even when the sun was shining. I had no other choices in my life. I’d lost everything and it had been this way for a while.

Walking across the bridge, closer and closer to what I chosen to be my fate, I heard a motorbike coming from behind me. I glanced back as I continued to walk and quickly the bike came alongside me then pulled and stopped in my path. I did not recognise the bike, nor the driver. But I was not scared.

Silently, I was offered a helmet and jacket. I glanced toward the spot on which I intended to end it all, then looked back at the gloved hands.

Still silent.

I didn’t feel the need to question, or even speak. What else did I have to lose at this point, everything was already gone.

I took the helmet and jacket, put them on, perched myself on the spare seat of the bike and off we went across the bridge that I thought would be the end.

Street lights flashed by and before I knew it, we had driven into darkness with nothing but the lights of the bike showing the way. Which way I did not know, but I felt safe, the first time I had felt anything in a long time.

For miles and miles the bike twisted and turned, without a single word from the driver or myself. We just kept on going and with no concept of time or even where I was, I still did not worry.

Shortly after dawn broke, we pulled down a thin country path covered by trees. We pulled into a large yard and stopped. I got off the bike and removed the helmet and jacket that had protected me for my journey. As I turned to the driver, I asked

“Where are we?”

They pointed at the farmhouse further down the yard. It was slightly run down with Ivy growing around the edges, but as I looked closer I realised there was smoke pouring from the chimney and there was a light on in one of the downstairs rooms.

As I turned back to the bike, it was already moving. Before I could blink, it was heading back down the country path.

I headed toward the farmhouse, still clutching the helmet and jacket given to me. I did not feel scared. I did not feel worried. I did not feel anything. I approached the door but before I could even knock, it slowly started opening.

“Needed saving did we?” Said the woman who stood before me.

“Well they wouldn’t have brought you here if you didn’t need saving Petal. Come inside”

I stepped in through the old farmhouse door and heard it click shut behind me.