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The stupidest species to walk the planet… us.

Humans. That’s what we are. It’s a namesake that we’ve taken on through generation upon generation, from the very first of us, up until the very last. But is this something to be proud of?
OK so there are some VERY intelligent people that walk among us, people so intelligent that they created transport, technology, skyrise buildings, medicines, weapons, money, religion… but creating something that initially helps us in our day to day lives doesn’t nessicarily mean it’s any good for us in the long term.
Transport- gets us from A to B in as quick a way as possible. We’ve adjusted transport to make them bigger, stronger, faster… big enough, strong enough and fast enough to kill.
Technology- keeps us up to date with the happenings of the world. Lets us gain knowledge on the click of a ‘Google’ icon… has created an alternate world where future generations no longer talk, play outside and are so used to having the world at their fingertips, they have no idea what a book is.
Skyrise buildings- wonderfully created artistic structures that serve purpose for offices and apartment blocks… but what natural habitat stood there first? One that we can never get back.
Medicines- cures for a mass amount of ailments that have diseased the human race, continuing work to help fight Cancer, HIV and AIDS… slowly killing off many an innocent species, creating addiction, creating problems.
Weapons- first created to hunt with… now mostly used to scare, injure or kill other humans out of jealousy, greed and anger.
Money- ways and means to purchase anything in the world you desire. You get what you want, they get money to get what they want. Everyones happy… except for the homeless, third world countries, elder generation and pretty much anyone who works at minimum wage level. There is currently enough money in the world for every single one of us to become a multi-millionaire.
Religion- creates family units, creates friends, unites people together… as long as you follow the rules. As long as you believe everything within that religion. As long as you celebrate the ‘God’, whomever they may be… causes Wars…

As intelligent as we can be, we’ve actually created things, discovered things, evolved things that destroy and kill. We, as the human race, as the name we carry for our entire lives… are the stupidest species of them all. We’re the only species that is intelligent enough to create something that will kill ourselves or someone else.
Right now, as you’re reading this, another human is entering this world that we’ve helped create. And another is leaving because of it.
Well done humans, well done!