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Just friends?

Today, as I do with many of my days off, I went shopping. But this time I went with one of my male friends who I work with. Drove there, shopped, drove back… except upon leaving the car park he told me that if anyone asked, I bumped into him in HMV and offered him a lift home…
Obviously I questioned this. His response? People at work will start talking and spread rumours about seeing us together, despite him already having a girlfriend of 3 years (who we also work with).
That’s right, I had a nice few couple of hours shopping with a friend and I can’t even tell anyone I was with him… just in case… WHAT THE HELL!?!
So a girl can’t be ‘just friends’ with a guy and vice versa!?! Not at least without it being questioned and interviewed like we’ve been at it behind some shopping centre bins! Why is it so hard for the human race to acknowledge that opposite sexes can indeed be friends without ANY sexual involvement?
I have many male friends in my life, mainly because I tend to get on with them better (can’t be doing with bitchy shit) but I wouldn’t dream of hooking up with them, I just don’t see them that way.

The world can be a confusing place…

Teeny loves and kisses
X emmy X


Who do we really need?

A thought came across my mind today whilst out walking the dogs, who do we need in our lives to make our lives complete? Many of you reading this now, will be somewhat involved in a relationship, marriage or civil partnership… which I’m assuming most of you are perfectly happy with… but what about the rest of us? I mean, do we really NEED anyone else to help us carry out our daily lifestyles and make us happy?

This all started out with a ‘disagreement’ in my place of work with another member of staff. It got me thinking. I am a happy, healthy (within reason) 24 year old who is single. Not only am I single, but I’m very much independent. Which also means I’m very stubborn… I don’t like anyone doing something for me, even if I’m struggling, I’d rather struggle through and finish it myself. I have no family within driving distance, so the odd phone call or Skype call keeps me in touch, but still, I don’t actually need them around me to have a happy life.

Same with friends… As much as I love my friends, I don’t need them to make me happy. Not when I can make myself happy.

I can quite happily go shopping by myself, without the need of another human being… even if I do have to climb the odd shelf or two… I can take myself off to a peaceful little spot, plug in my headphones and just relax. No one else needed. Travelling to somewhere new and exciting… Nobody…

So basically what I’m trying to say is, it’s ok to have people in your life that make you happy, but it’s perfectly ok to be by yourself. It’s ok to grab a last minute holiday and have a few days away from reality. It’s ok to go and do the things YOU want to do, as long as they make YOU happy.

Whatever you do with your life, it’s ok…

… ok to take a step back and really see who’s holding you back in your life.


Teeny loves and kisses,

X Emmy X